Equipment rentals

I offer specialised audio equipment for unusual tasks

For rental enquiries please contact me directly to discuss availability and rental rates

List of rental gear:

SOUND FIELD SPS-200 Microphone kit for 5.1 (surround) or stereo recording with Rycote kit

SANKEN CSS-5 Microphone for stereo location recording with Rycote windshield kit

ZAXCOM Digital two channel camera link with two receivers and cables

LECTROSONICS – UM 400 and UCR411 kit plus Sonotrim microphone – 2 units

LECTROSONICS MM400 waterproof UHF radio microphone kits x 4

AQUARIAN H2a Hydrophones -P48 powered for underwater sound effects- 2 units available

AIRCRAFT Communications passive interface kit for aircraft and helicopter feeds

DYNAUDIO DM-5a - Active bi-amped monitor speakers - supplied as a pair

DENECKE – Ts-3 timecode slate with Lemo 5 pin in/out

DENECKE – SB-2a –Time-code box with Lemo 5 pin in/out – 2 units

ANCHOR – PB35 Battery powered large bull horn – line or microphone inputs