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Mike Westgate - production sound mixer

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Production Summary

2011   Mr Pip
(Andrew Adamson) Bougainville Unit – Solomon Islands
2011   Manurewa
(Sam Peacocke) Best short film, 61st Berlin Film Festival
2010   Chicane
(Enza Sands) Shot in location in Fiji
2008   Call of the Killer Whale
(Jean-Michel Cousteau) JM Cousteau Productions
Johnny Kapahala (Eric Bross) produced by Doug Sloan for Disney Channel
2006   The Ferryman (Chris Graham) produced by Alan Harris, Matthew Metcalfe
2006   Fatal Contact – Bird Flu in America (Richard Pierce) produced for Sony Pictures TV

FEATURES  – 16 in total, including:
World’s Fastest Indian (Roger Donaldson)
The Last Samurai (Edward Zwick) stereo sound effects unit
Other Side of Heaven (Mitch Davies) produced by Gerry Molen, John Garbett
The Bounty and No Way Out (Roger Donaldson) second unit
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Nagisha Oshima)
The Quiet Earth and Never Say Die (Geoff Murphy)
Smash Palace (Roger Donaldson)

MINI-SERIES  – 4 in total:
Super Fire (Steve Quale) produced for ABC Los Angeles
The Other Side of Paradise (Renny Rye) produced for Grundy/Central TV
Which Way Home (Carl Schultz) produced for Turner Network Television
Brotherhood of The Rose (Marvin Chomsky) produced for NBC-Los Angeles

MOW  – 10 in total, including:
Redhead Lucy (Glenn Jordan) for Sony Pictures Television
Murder in Greenwich (Tom McLoughlin) for Columbia Tristar
The Extreme Team (Leslie Lipman) for Lions Gate

EPISODICS  – 7 in total, including:
Hercules – The Legendary Journeys produced for MCA/Universal – 80 eps
Mysterious Island 1st Season produced for Atlantis Films – 26 eps
High Tide 1st Season produced for Franklin Waterman Entertainment – 24 eps
The Return of The Black Stallion 3rd Season produced for Alliance – 19 eps

DOCUMENTARIES – 65 in total, shot in 23 countries, including:
2008   Call of the Killer Whale (Jean-Michel Cousteau) JM Cousteau Productions
   Rain of the Children (Vincent Ward)
2006   Tales from the Jungle – Margaret Mead (Peter Oxley) produced for BBC History London
2006  Victoria's Empire (Ben Warwick) produced for Tiger Aspect for BBC1 London
12 international expeditions for The Cousteau Society & Jean-Michel Cousteau Productions

HHB Portadrive 8-track recorder / Sound Devices 702T / Sonosax SX-8 mixer
SQN 4S Series 4 mixer / Sound Devices 302 mixer / 4 x AKG and Sanken boom mics
Sanken CSS-5 stereo mic / 8 x Lectrosonics radio mics / 17 x Garwood headphone receivers
Sensorcom Earwigs / JBL playback system / Anchor PB25 and PB35 bullhorns
3 x Denecke TS-3 timecode slates /
2 x SB2a generators / 1 x TCjr T/C reader
4 x Uniden UH-075 walkies / 2 x Aquarian hydrophones / Gentner-Microtel tap
Widescreen LCD monitor and Cat 5 balun link / 18-way multi-cable x 50 metres
18 x mics for location music recording – AKG / Sennheiser / Beyer / Shure
/ Neumann
Digidesign 003 Factory Control Surface / ProTools / Dell PC / 1.5TB hardrive

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